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Early Retirement Planning (ERP) Masterclass


June (6th - 10th)


Sheraton Hotel, Lagos


5 Days




Retirement just like many things in life must happen irrespective of been prepared or not. Pre-retirement planning involves ensuring that an individual and his dependents are well provided for in the inevitable retirement phase of life. Irrespective of whatever the cause of retirement is – age (60 year), length of service (35 years) or forced retirement (sickness, accident), there is a need for adequate planning of one's finances to cater for the expected needs in retirement and maintain an acceptable standard of living for themselves and dependents.

To have an enjoyable and rewarding retirement requires some strategic life changes, financial and family planning as early as possible to have the best chances and opportunities. Dealing with mental and psychology of been retired can take its toll on the person as they struggle to become accustomed to a whole new phase of life and challenges.

This training is created to help participants adjust to the challenges of retirement, have an acute understanding of financial planning, and appreciate the various entrepreneurship options available to them.

Target Audience

This program is suited for the following teams

  • All those with less than 5 years to retire.

Courses Objective

How to identify their core skills and activities. Identifying this will help pre- retirees know the various employment and/or entrepreneurial options available to them during retirement.

  1. The diverse voluntary work or hobbies they could indulge in that would enable them ease into and adapt to a new lifestyle as a retiree.

  2. How to map out their financials in a way that makes much needed funds readily available for healthcare, housing, and other emergencies.

  3. Learn how to maintain healthier life style and the legal sides of retirement.

  4. Pension Planning and other investment opportunities.

Course Modules

Module 1: General Retirement Orientation

  • State of the economy and prospects faced in Retirement

  • Coping with severance Employment

Module 2: Investments

  • Effective Time Management.

  • Types of investments currently available in Nigeria

  • Guidelines and advice on selecting investment

Module 3: Entrepreneurship

  • A random walk through simple businesses suitable for retirees

  • The disciplines for business success

  • Preparation of a business plan

  • Legal requirements for business

Module 4: The Retiree’s Job Description as a Business Owner

  • Managing time as a business owner Personal Effectiveness

  • Decision making

  • Decision implementation

Module 5: Health and Leisure

  • Ageing gracefully.

  • Balancing work, life and health. Health guideposts.

  • Importance of Exercises

Module 6: Investment Opportunities

  • Multiple streams of income

  • Avoiding scam and the best decisions

Module 7: The Life Thereafter

  • Preparing a will Setting up a Trust

  • Accessing pension and other pension opportunities.

  • Understanding the pension and insurance industry

Module 8: Talk to the expert

  • Experience sharing

  • Habit of self made millionaires

  • Mental Health discussion


The fee for the programme is 



Per Delegate


We offer a  discount for more than 10 delegate




June (6th - 10th)


Sheraton Hotel, Lagos


5 Days



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